Works on Paper Gallery

I create works on paper. These works are collages and are often sewn together, stitched by hand and also sewn on a machine. I really enjoy stitching paper through the sewing machine.

Generally, I’ll produce collaged pieces in series and have had a number of these series bound into Artist Book formats in variable editions of 5 and also one off Artist’s Books.

A number of my Artist’s Books including ‘Mapping Genealogy’ (variable edition of 5) have been sold in to State Library Rare Book Collections including the State Libraries of Queensland and Victoria. In 2016 I sold ‘Proof’, a one off artist book, and ‘Mapping Genealogy’ (variable edition of 5) into the State library of NSW, Mitchell Library Permanent Collection.

I collage, stencil, sew and paint. Collaging materials are often from old books, magazines, maps and paraphernalia. And also from my own art work including etchings. I photograph my ceramics and work on the design images in Photoshop also. These become great material for collaging as well.

Collaging as a practice lends itself well to the meaning of my works on paper because they are about piecing back together my family history and culture in an enduring and damaging colonial situation in Australia for Aboriginal People, Culture and Country.